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please listen to this segment from Uhh Yeah Dude #327, I spent like a half hour at 5:30am this morning trying to figure out how to cut it out so I can share it with y’all. it is about Internet comments, Anne Frank, and diarrhea.

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UHH YEAH DUDE, episode 124. Craigslist, men looking for women.

Seth: Men are looking for women but they’re looking for them in an odd way cause they’re looking for men.


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Return of the Mack (You know that I’d be back. Well HERE I AM): For the last little while, I’ve been waffling about this site; whether I want to keep doing it, whether it’s worth it, why I’m doing it, blah blah. Well, I’ve ultimately decided to rev it back up. Why? 1. UYD is the funniest show 2. I like getting to talk about funny stuff 3. I like to write posts and draw stupid pictures and make cards and come up with games 4. I like every UYD fan who has contacted me through this site. To sum up: it’s super fun to write this blog and I’d like to continue to do so because it’s about a hilarious show with amazing fans. UYD4L.

So, I’m going to come correct with some fresh style.

And by that I mean by I’m dredging up old games. (Semantics.) Back after the HaikUYD contest ended, some of you suggested that it be made a regular thing here on UYD4Life. So, let’s do it!!! I still have magnets and cards as rewards. This time, though, the prize stakes are even higher. I’m putting up a UYD hanky-code hanky (easily framable, but functional as a kercheif, too) as a new, special first-place prize. But, even if you don’t win, remember:

To conquer oneself is a greater task than conquering others. 

-Brian Austin Greene

HaikUYD Round Two is officially on!!

Answer here,, @uyd4life on twitter, on the forum topic! 

Rules: You can write as many as you want, but you must pick only one for voting consideration. It must be UYD-related. And, really, let’s be honest: it should be funny. 

BTW, here is the entry from the original winner, Nader, who has attested to the righteousness of his prize package.

How to party right?
Put chopped oxys in your butt.
Thanks, dad. Love, dead son.


Wearing a seatbelt,

“I’m in the dance, then I’m out”—

Seth parks fireman style.

Haiku. The cheapest, least resistant, most easily co-opted traditional Asian art form since the woodblock print.

The Great Wave, by Hokusai

Let’s do it! Best one wins a magnet.