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  • What famous New Orleans chef served Jah the best meal of his life?

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I’m still missing an address I lost from one of you who won a contest months ago… Maybe you are cloaking because you saw that I glittered the shit out of it? You can’t piss on sparkletality, I won’t allow it.


My Loves, My Lifers:

I was just reading some of Jonathan Lee Riches’ prison documentation from his time in solitary confinement. Let me just say that it is some fucked up shit. Basically, the prison put him in solitary for a year and gave him other punishments that were disproportionate to his behavior because of his Lawsuit Factory. 

(BTW, he told us he loved this graphic. Caitlin wins the photoshop contest forevermore.)

In response, he went on hunger strike. It was no joke, either. His suits may be hilarious, but he fought hard to be able to keep writing them. More as we get the OK from our favorite newly-freed litigant to post more of his documents. 


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