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Hey Boners, I have a great solution to all this Chick-fil-a bullshit. HOW ABOUT WE ALL STOP EATING FAST FOOD SHITE BECAUSE IT’S THE FUCKING WORST ?

It’s like we’re so busy squabbling about what type of grenade we’re holding that we haven’t even noticed that the pin is gone.

Fucking fuck

Except Taco Bell. That shit is delicious.

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Having a shitty Christmas Eve? Watch these sad sacks on My Fake Baby, a pick of the week from Eppy 148. “It’s a baby!” No, bitch, it’s not. This’ll take you from depressed to full panny in no time. Just ask Seth:

The whole episode I was just standing up, watching it with one hand on the TV.

That’s how you have to watch for the real Sethro experience. Also, you may want to go the extra mile and make this festive holiday dinner: a Diet Sunkist, strawberry muscle milk, peanut butter Lunabar, caramel apple empanada, and two servings of Taco Bell refried beans, eaten really fast, all at once.

And then you should put cherry Blistex on. (Or whatever the shit is his jam that he can’t find anymore. Are we on that, btw? Check your local drug stores for “cherry Blistex or whatever the shit is his jam” and mail it to the studio, tout suite.)

Seth's Cherry Blistex


It was cherry Blistex, right?