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Got two tickets in the mail for the DC show and it also came with two gift certificates for $50 worth of wine. I don’t know if that has to do with ticketfly, the 930 club or the grace of UYD but that was a very nice surprise!



It was lonely. But that was around the advent of the walkman, so I always listened to the Alex Bennett Radio Show, and he would have all these comedians on… and they became my friends.

I would listen all the way to school, transferring busses and everything, and to this day when I can’t sleep or when I’m on a long drive or just need to relax, I love listening to radio or podcasts. It’s soothing, a voice in your ear telling you a story.



Teresa Strasser, The Mental Illness Happy Hour (x)

This episode is so great, and Teresa said this really well, "He would have all these comedians on… and they became my friends" which rings truer to me than I might like to admit. Sometimes I wonder if people who do podcasts know how important they can be to us when we’re having a bad day.

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This is how I feel and probably how everyone feels about Jonathan and Seth. They aren’t comedians but they’re just funny, good hearted guys that you know are on your side even if you’ve never spoken to them before. If I can’t sleep I always put on UYD and I just fall asleep listening to them talk about all these amazing and crazy things. They’re some of the best comfort I get in this world.

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Make sure to get your tickets for the shows coming up! There are tickets available through their website.

Los Angeles - 2/27/2014

New York - 3/6/2014

Philadelphia - 3/7/2014

Washington D.C. - 3/8/2014

I will be attending the one in Washington D.C. :) Let me know if you’ll be there!




It’s so weird to see these dudes on a news show

Appreciation for these guys is long overdue. Everyone should know them.

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UYD Confessions: Every time I crawl in bed and get ready for dreamland, I fall asleep listening to Jonathan and Seth because it’s the only thing that soothes me and keeps my mind from wandering down a black anxiety-ridden hole that will keep me up all night.

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Uhh Yeah Dude, America's funniest podcast

Guys you definitely want to watch this video! It’s always nice to see our boys in front of the camera every once in a while and even nicer when people give them the credit they deserve for being such real, honest, funny fucking people. I’m a ride or die UYD fan 4L. Who is with me?!?


"I hate my wife. She doesn’t even have a dick."

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  • Oh so tough economic times
  • Holla back for a dope cock
  • Yo dawg, you dead dawg
  • Bruce cocked
  • Boner rage
  • Leaky boners
  • Fat Val Kilmer
  • Lesbiamis
  • Herda Hadda Herda
  • Cum on a Bible
  • Fucking a warm melon
  • The white man calls her flute playing wind
  • Cold Stone forearms
  • Jesus Christ walks into a bar
  • Mystic tan panic attacks
  • Teens getting fucked in their sleep
  • Who shouldn’t take ecstasy
  • Wife not interested in cock
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America Through the Eyes of two American Americans - negativesign


On June 8, 2013, Jonathan Larroquette and Seth Romatelli of Uhh Yeah Dude came to the Oriental Theater in Denver’s Highlands to perform their podcast LIVE.

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Uhh Yeah Dude live in Denver!


Episode 100 - Part 1 - Jonathan Larroquette enjoying some Japanese Ice Cucumber soda from Pepsi.


"That’s fucking gross. All the fucking shit in the fucking ocean. Go in the ocean and watch a fucking condom float by the fucking fish you’re eating. The ocean is literally a fucking garbage heap."

- Seth Romatelli - UYD - Episode 171 Where Seth gets mad at Jonathan for breaking his vegetarianism. He is in major shock the rest of the episode.

Uhh Yeah Dude on WTF with Marc Maron. One of Jonathan’s first interactions with Seth involves child pageantry.


Ray Kurzweil on machines brought to you by UYD. For all you futurists out there.

Episode 167, song is by Casino Versus Japan

Photo Set


“UYD Strip Clubs and Breastfeeding”

To quote one woman “WE FEED BABIES.”

“I told this story at Plan B.” PLAN B IS A FUCKING STRIP CLUB.

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