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Nik Wallenda scoots.

Spectators gape, mouths open wide.

What skill! What talent.


Wait, is that a rope?

You came wicked uncorrect.

I am NOT mindfreaked.


Parade Magazine- Holly Madison

Dudes, I’ve been out of town—my sis had a baby, and I ain’t talking soft tees. (Though I did convince her to let me have the photographer take one of him draped in my campfire babysoft!) Since my multimedia posts have been slacking, here is a classic. Let’s just say it ends in a chorus of I can’ts…

She is, isn’t she? Is she?


Mystery: Criss Angel’s older brother, Bob Angel.

Ouch, that’s a neg, Seth.


We know Seth and Jah don’t like to brag about it (and may in fact be a bit afraid of their powers, especially when they were killing so-old-they-dieds nearly every week), but there are definitely some spookyooky Sylvia Brown-type (except real) psychic energies swirling around the studio. 

In eppy 192, Seth asked Jah if he had any predictions for the next decade:

Jah: “Stuff’s gonna happen.”

Seth: We’re going to see some things we didn’t think possible, some beautiful things and some scary things.

And so it came to pass.

SEE!!!  And this is merely a single example. There are so many things they foresee make happen mindfreak.

So, can you please help me come up with a clever name for a predictions segment? It seems that if I can’t think of anything I just make a dick joke. I can’t give in to Freud like that. I DON’T EVEN BELIEVE IN FREUD!

Ideas, please?? Love, Sethdick Mataintlli



"I don’t believe anything. I don’t believe in anything."


-Jonathan Larroquette

Maybe all he needs is a little…