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  • Jah: “Is there anything extreme that you like?”
  • Seth: “Cocaine.”
  • Jah: “The drink?”
  • Seth: “The drug.”

Lady, you truly live up to your name. Lady for President. 

I follow Lady on Twitter. It’s really dirty, like it makes me blush. BTW, whenever my cat claws at anything, I like to say, “My pussy be yankin’.” -S’ro

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I’m sorry to see some lifers4life failing. I want you all to succeed! I care about your future! Maybe I’ll run an easier test soon, for those of you who aren’t dancing with Lady like our honor roll students down there are, if you know what I mean. I’m just…I’ve heard some things about them hanging around with certain limo drivers wearing anchor necklaces, that’s all. Word on the street is they party like those science bees, ya dig?

I’ve heard they’re on cocaine. That’s what I’m saying.

What do you think of the quiz? Do you want more stuff like this? Do you like it even though it’s obvy wicked tough? Also, what do you think of Lady? The rapper, the drug, and the use of the word as a pseudonym for the drug?

I know most of you aren’t on tumblr, but that doesn’t mean you have an excuse not to talk back. Use the forums, @uyd4life twitter, and We don’t have a voicemail or text machine, merely being UYD’s annoyinglittlesisterblog, but we do LOVE to hear from you. 

  • S: I gave up cocaine.
  • J: What was that like? Was that like mourning a friend? That was like mourning nine friends. That was like if my whole family got shot in the face in front of me.


Here is an excerpt from writer and director Noah Baumbach’s take on the same study (from the New Yorker), which is pretty funny. 

"God, I so badly wanna just go sting the fuck out of someone, you know? Just land on their ass and sting… . I’m so fucking jazzed right now. And then I hope they’re allergic and they just blow up! We gotta get out of this hive, we gotta get mobile … “Going Mobile”! The Who was a good band. Let’s go find a picnic or some sunbathers or something… . I’d love some coconut suntan lotion or a … beer. Wouldn’t you love a six-pack of Stella Artois right now? That’s the best beer. Stel-la! That was actually a pretty good imitation, don’t you think? The guy who played him in the movie, the “Streetcar” … who am I thinking of? It’s on the tip of my … Jesus, what’s wrong with me I can’t come up with this dude’s name? … Or how about, how about: a coconut Stella Artois beer?! Wouldn’t that be the best and you could spread it all over your body and it’s U.V. 1,000 or 1,000 proof or something. God, I want to sting someone… . Oh, my God, my antennae are like supersensitive right now… . Don’t … don’t touch … I said don’t! It’s O.K., it’s cool, it’s cool.” 
Anyway, it won’t make you cry like every other fucking thing Noah Baumbach does, at least. 
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Just some friendly advice, from a twerker to a yanker. I mean, the answer is no, but who am I to her? She doesn’t know me, she doesn’t know if I know what I’m talking about. Now, Parade Magazine, on the other hand, they have some gravitas. I mean, they told me, “No!” Nicolas Cage is NOT Richard Gere’s brother. And, turns out, they’re really, really not brothers! Can you believe it? So, Lady, get ya pen, get ya papes, and get ya forever stamps—it’s time to do it Sethro style. USPS it. You’ll get the correct answer. 

In about two and a half years.