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Georgia O’Keeffe’s ghost has haunted Seth since Y2K in Abiquiu. Dip into the archives for more informacion. 


“I’ve grown weary of critics who cry that everything I paint looks like a vagina. I will show them … I called this Black Cross as a goof, becuase that’s the only thing in it that is not a butt. I’ve made use of ever-finer brushwork in an attempt to squeeze as many butts into the painting as possible. It’s literally asses out to the horizon—in fact, my working title was Ass Far as the Eye Can See. … I hope I have painted enough butts into this one picture that no one will bother me when I go back to my life’s work: vagina-y stuff.” 

from The Collected Letters of Georgia O’Keeffe

Source: yourmonkeycalled

Remember back before the world financial systems crashed, before we had to rebuild the world in analog and restart the global infrastructure? So right before that, I’m talking like seconds before, was that thing called Y2K? Well, Abiquiú, New Mexico is where Seth went to hunker down for the big event. (I know, I just thought he was just shortening Albuquerque to Albuque for a long time, too.)

Ok, so imagine him here with a bottle of Jack Daniels and an, ahem, healthy fear of the monsterweb. 

So, now that you’ve imagined that, look right next to him. No, not at that dude (Seth’s friend John Buckley), but at that old lady. The one that is a ghost.

Georgia O'Keeffe

Yes, her. No snickering. That’s Georgia O’Keeffe. She lived in Abiquiú and painted many, many vaginas vadges  flowers in this building, which is, like, the only famous thing in the tiny town (when Shirley Maclaine isn’t there, as she was for Y2K).

Ok, so before all you art history enthusiasts (Jah) start a letter-writing campaign, I know Georgia O’Keeffe was totally legit and didn’t just paint snooches. For instance, I love this painting (Starlight Night, 1917). It captures the very same Abiquiú night sky a terrified and whiskey-drunk Seth would’ve not looked at—being also afraid of the vastness of the universe.  

georgia o keefe starlight night

As far as Abiquiú goes, I figure, if it’s good enough for Seth, it’s good enough for me. If the apocalypse strikes, we should reconstitute a new UYD Nation there.

Wait! You people are attractive, right? And intelligent? How are your hunting and tracking skills? Superb? 

Hmmm, we’ll let Seth be in charge of quality control. Jah will just get grifted if he’s the gatekeeper. Softie. 


Keep this map on your person at all times. 2012 is upon us.

See: Episode 075, 41:24; Episode 052, 19:48; Episode 133, 11:37