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John Corbett, Sam Elliott, Seth Romatelli, and Jim Morrison: those are the only four people that can wear a denim tuxedo. 

JAH (pre-unJah declaration, it stays)

Eppy 231

(The shabbiness of my photoshopping skills is up to a new level of raditude, exhibiting a folksy shittiness that’s making art critics stand up and take notice. Sayonara, fuckers, I’m a real big tyma now.)

Thanks, Seth, for reminding me of this MASTERPIECE I made a while back by talking this week about the BritBrit/Timberdog ensemble that inspired it. Bringing it all back home.

Hey y’all, isn’t that the girl who was in that movie with Officer Romatelli, the renowned comedian, method actor, and podcaster? 

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Seth: People say my BJs are the best. Your what? What the fuck’s a - I don’t even know what a BJ is! What is a BJ? Honestly! What’s a BJ? Hey man, my BJs are the best. YOUR WHAT, DUDE? He’s like, I’m 30. Dude, you’re 61. He’s like, I don’t want to seem like a crazy perv. I’m just a 30 year-old and my BJs are the best. Well dog, you are a crazy perv, you’re 60 and your BJs suck. Your BJs are wack like 1950’s BJs and they don’t count.

Jonathan: That is so awesome

Seth: I’m gonna take you to Inspiration Point and give you my old school BJ.

-Episode 15

(Jump to 9:30 to peep this peed)


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-Episode 155

I was scrolling through tumblr (instead of doing homework) and saw this picture which immediately brought me back to how appalled I was when I saw Bob Dylan being compared to in that shitty Pepsi commercial back in ‘09, which of course brought me back to listening to Seth and Jah break it down for us. 

I watched the commercial again and it still makes me want to punch a wall. First of all, it’s titled “ feat. Bob Dylan.” OH, IS IT NOW? Nope, if anything it’s the other way around but I’m sure B-Dyls was like, wicked stoked to be featured anyways. 

Second, whatever you may think about Dylan, the dude is a wordsmith and you can’t shit on him for that. I know a lot of people that don’t like his steeze and that’s coo’, but Bobby’s a poet. on the other hand…Oh boy. I’m looking forward to some more collabo’s in the future. Maybe something like:

Put your milk in my cocoa puffs, milky milky cocoa puffs.

Put your milk in my cocoa puffs,

for the answer is blowing in the wind. 

Or maybe:

Baby girl, you make me feel,

You know you make me feel so real.

I love you more than sex appeal.

Like it was written on my soul from me to you.

Tangled up in blue.

That’s money in the bank right there!


(Oh, here’s that shitty commercial)

Psst! Did you hear Bob Dylan’s recording a new album? Fuck Yes, Sethro.

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