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Seth Romatelli in “McBride: Anybody Here Murder Marty?”

This is playing on television right now.




UYD 911 CALLS - PT. 1



"White dudes get so violent, it’s so crazy.  Every guy wants to smoke weed and watch the Simpsons movie or I’ma beat up that pussy up.  Hey, calm down dog.  Hey white dudes, you’re the worst." - Seth

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"Hey dude! Go to church and meet somebody and raise a family. Don’t fuck your ‘daughter’ online … Watch a little porn dog? Why don’t you quit watching porn and rent Finding Fucking Nemo and go to church like a normal person! We need more Pixar and less bukkake!"

- Seth Romatelli (via commissarbudgie)
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Got two tickets in the mail for the DC show and it also came with two gift certificates for $50 worth of wine. I don’t know if that has to do with ticketfly, the 930 club or the grace of UYD but that was a very nice surprise!



It was lonely. But that was around the advent of the walkman, so I always listened to the Alex Bennett Radio Show, and he would have all these comedians on… and they became my friends.

I would listen all the way to school, transferring busses and everything, and to this day when I can’t sleep or when I’m on a long drive or just need to relax, I love listening to radio or podcasts. It’s soothing, a voice in your ear telling you a story.



Teresa Strasser, The Mental Illness Happy Hour (x)

This episode is so great, and Teresa said this really well, "He would have all these comedians on… and they became my friends" which rings truer to me than I might like to admit. Sometimes I wonder if people who do podcasts know how important they can be to us when we’re having a bad day.

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This is how I feel and probably how everyone feels about Jonathan and Seth. They aren’t comedians but they’re just funny, good hearted guys that you know are on your side even if you’ve never spoken to them before. If I can’t sleep I always put on UYD and I just fall asleep listening to them talk about all these amazing and crazy things. They’re some of the best comfort I get in this world.

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Make sure to get your tickets for the shows coming up! There are tickets available through their website.

Los Angeles - 2/27/2014

New York - 3/6/2014

Philadelphia - 3/7/2014

Washington D.C. - 3/8/2014

I will be attending the one in Washington D.C. :) Let me know if you’ll be there!


"They’re wearing Guy Fawkes masks and they’re writing in chalk like […] SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU FUCKING IDIOTS"

- Seth Romatelli, Uhh Yeah Dude episode 394 (via medusabitch)
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Seth Romatelli, me, Jonathan Larroquette

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Seth is all a blur, as was the experience of being that near his beautiful hair.

Actually a kinda’ nice picture of Jah. 

As I was leaving the queue, Jonathan said, “We’ll see you next time.”
I said, “I mean, I'll see you next week.” We smiled for a moment and I left.

I heard from so many people there the same thing I was feeling: It’s kind of weird that I feel like I know these guys so well, and they don’t know me at all. But it’s always there. UYD is always there, and I count on it like I count on a friend. In a way, they are my friends. And I do feel like I’ll see them next week, even though I won’t actually get to hug them like I did last night.

If you don’t listen to Uhh Yeah Dude yet, please just do it.
I have invested over 400 hours into what they do. It’s part of who I am at this point. It has changed the way I speak and made me funnier, and it has done that to everyone I know who gives it a try.

I can’t make anyone do anything, but I can plant seeds. And if you let this seed grow on you, you’ll be happy. 


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Thank you, Jonathan. 

UYD Episode 104 outro.

UYD always has great picks for the intro and outro songs. There’s a lot of stuff I never heard of before that UYD got me into. I want to know what other songs/artists people got into because of their podcast.

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Uhh Yeah Dude - Episode 71 - June 29th 2007

one of my favorite moments from UYD. Jonathan Larroquette talks about youtube, comments, and cosmic loneliness.

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for life.

I love UYD pride.

I’ve seen one or two UYD tattoos but I know there are more out there. Let’s see ‘em people, submit pictures or post them under the “Uhh Yeah Dude” tag and they’ll get reblogged!

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