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Nice poster! I hope they go up for sale in the merch store. I love the emphasis on Friday the 13th and 2012. 

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BREAKING: Jonathan’s beard is being waxed by old-world professionals boated in from across the Puget Sound, where Jonathan knew a girl once. This is what the challenge coin money was earmarked for, apparently.

Informant Kat says it’s pretty awesome in there.

BREAKING: We have gotten our first report. Apparently, Seth is dressed only in a red union suit, is desperately grasping an open umbrella, and is forcing all the kids to take milly while looking at penis shots. Everyone is LOVING IT!!! 

BREAKING: We have gotten our first report. Apparently, Seth is dressed only in a red union suit, is desperately grasping an open umbrella, and is forcing all the kids to take milly while looking at penis shots. Everyone is LOVING IT!!! 



Comedy: Distraction Artists

Just as some veteran comics (e.g., Louis CKMarc Maron) are discovering the Internet and podcasts, young and hitherto unknown comics are launching from cyberspace to the stage. Such is the case with Seth Romatelli and Jonathan Larroquette, whose weekly Uhh Yeah Dude podcast is at 300 episodes and counting. Their relaxed demeanor suggests two smart young guys—Larroquette with the beard, Romatelli clean-shaven—sitting in their living room, a decade removed from their dorm room, still trying to make each other laugh. Their riffs often begin with news, trivia, or tabloid staples (Lindsay LohanMatthew McConaughey, etc.), then drift into tangents. Larroquette may complain about “this blogged-out world we’re living in,” but it’s exactly that overmediation that’s the underlying subject of their humor. Laptop and 3x5 notecards at the ready, they’re always eager for the next distraction, the next bit of random annoyance or outrage from the Internet. Live performance is still very much a novelty for the duo (though Romatelli has some IMDbcredits as an actor), and they don’t hammer home any jokes in conventional stand-up manner. Rather, they affably invite you into their living room, where your spot on the couch is still warm. Neptune, 1303 N.E. 45th St., 877-784-4849, $15. 8 p.m. BRIAN MILLER

I can’t/won’t wait to hear/see it!

Even though I’ve never gotten to see a live show live, I still get beyond myself about them. 


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Seth is waxing his umbrella and loading up his favorite porn sites…

Jonathan is… well, Jonathan’s probably not really doing much of anything in the way of special preparation other than being awesome, but that is what we pay the man for.

I hope they film the Seattle show and release it really soon after. Or…

Hey SethJah, why not take a page from Louis C.K.’s book? Making a shitload of fivers is better than nothing! Do a webcast!

(Like I even know what that means, really. But it sounds super dope!)

Photo Set

Jah reads about the germiest of all the tourist attractions. Seattle’s gum wall is the second most festering:  

Seth: Uggh, anything with the mouth.

Jah: Number two, the wall of gum in Seattle, Washington… Since the early nineties, people have stuck their gum on the wall…

Seth: I’ve got to see that. I didn’t know that. Have you seen that? Do you know that? I’d love to see that. I love fucking… See, this is kind of hard for me because it has my favorite thing, gum, with my least favorite thing, germs. So how would I reconcile that?

Jah: —people, other people. With my least favorite thing, others.

Seth: —other people, other breathings.  So it’s got my favorite thing: the scent of gum, with my least favorite thing: other breathings. 

Jah: It probably doesn’t have the scent so much. At least well, the top layer does. 

Seth: Well, you know I’d have it because I’m chewing gum while I’m looking at it. 

Jah: So you’re just looking at gum, smelling gum… 

Seth: Or you’re just sort of envisioning all of the happiness that that gum has brought you…

Jah: But would you put your gum on there? Would you get close enough to it stick your own gum on it? 

Seth: I’d have to see. I’d have to size up the environment. I’d have to see said wall, I’d want to know what it’s all about. But that’s interesting.

Seth’s Seattle pre-pro trip seems to have taken him to his dream/nightmare locale. And after sizing up the sitch, he did it. He did it! (Note how tiny his piece of gum is and how gingerly he’s applying it). He is so brave. Dreams do come true.

Don’t forget to get your tickets to the Seattle live show today! It is going to be so super dope. 

Afterwards, you can marry your gum with Seth’s! A germophile’s dream come true! A germophobe’s nightmare come to pass! Don’t forget, we’re (and by we’re I mean you’re, until the boys come east) bringing the boys prezzies. My recommendations include arts and crafts (they’re probably reading this thinking “No, no! No arts! DEF no crafts!” Ha ha!), small gifts like decorative items or mementos, or gift cards to places like Whole Foods or Starbucks. Why not? They do so much work so we can tan laugh our asses off, so show them lots and lots of love in return!

(Bonus Fact: Jonathan abruptly ends this lovely travelogue to ask Seth, “Do you know what Sharking is?” Ha. Seth’s response to the explanation? “Of course it is.”)

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