A conceptual draft for my Malt Shop drawing. I think it really captures the authentic connection between the guys. It was really sweet of them to pose for it. It took like seven hours straight, but they didn’t even seem to mind the time as long as their eyes were locked. As soon as they shifted their gaze, though, it was business as uszh. Jonathan smoked twelve boom nails while Seth bought stock in Strawberry Muscle Milk, Inc.

Here’s a later draft. I mailed the final version to the studio like a year and a half ago. (I was tickled pink when Johnathan made this his Facebook profile pic for a while!)

*Sorry, this was drawn before I knew about the gold toof. DAMMIT.*

**Also, I just noticed that in the top sketch I had them drinking a glass full of America with UYD being the cherry on top. Is it OK to laugh at my own joke if I forgot I made it? Also, who do you think got the cherry? Did they split it?**

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