Seth: People say my BJs are the best. Your what? What the fuck’s a - I don’t even know what a BJ is! What is a BJ? Honestly! What’s a BJ? Hey man, my BJs are the best. YOUR WHAT, DUDE? He’s like, I’m 30. Dude, you’re 61. He’s like, I don’t want to seem like a crazy perv. I’m just a 30 year-old and my BJs are the best. Well dog, you are a crazy perv, you’re 60 and your BJs suck. Your BJs are wack like 1950’s BJs and they don’t count.

Jonathan: That is so awesome

Seth: I’m gonna take you to Inspiration Point and give you my old school BJ.

-Episode 15

(Jump to 9:30 to peep this peed)


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