Hey, boners! We haven’t had trivia for a while. So…

This week’s prize? Choose between a homemade UYD4 card (mailed USPS) or select-a-segment. 

[As usual, you can answer here, @uyd4life twitter, or at uyd4life@gmail.com, but since the HaikUYD thread worked so wonderfully, let’s snuggle up even closer to our very favorite ever place in the etherworld, www.uhhyeahdude.com, and answer the Trivia question at the mothersite, too. There, right in the very thread where I proposed the ole blogarooski in the first place. Don’t forget to look around while you’re there. It’s a wonderful place.]

What were Seth’s two favorite shows as a child?

  1. pinthetailonthehonky answered: Dukes of Hazard and Miami Vice?
  2. sunbrst answered: The Brady Bunch and The Dukes of Hazzard
  3. timetodiebitch answered: Dukes of Hazzard and The Brady Bunch?
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